Being reborn, or did my blog die and come back to life? Yes.

People talk about whether blogging is dead, or whether it’s jumped the shark (and it has), but the truth of the matter is that obsessed people like me, the workaholic compulsives who need to feel connected, could no sooner stop blogging than talking, breathing, or sleeping (notice, I didn’t add listening in there.)

However, I have to confess, as much as my connection to blogging–and to this blog in particular–has endured since 2003–there have been times when I was two steps away from dialing it in.  During the years at Yahoo, there was the on-going challenge, which I managed successfully–to not write about my work, the corporation, or ideas that might be Yahoo’s intellectual property or useful to our competitors (and truth be told, that didn’t leave that much.)

Post Yahoo, this past spring, there was the intense grind of launching People’s Software and heading to the relentless pace of TechStars, where both my brain and my energy got focused like a laser pointer on one hard set of achievements (more on that later.)

Now, sitting in Oakland, in a new house, with a new relationship, a new start up my partners and I are working on, I suddenly am finding myself back in a mental space where I feel myself as both a writer (again) and as a blogger(no big change here.)

All of a sudden, I am on fire with things to say, issues to cover, points to make. 40 miles away from the Valley, in a neighborhood that’s almost as vibrant and diverse as the one I lived in in Brooklyn back in the day, my writer-y senses have been tingling, big-time.

It’s a good feeling, to want to re-invent and re-invigorate something I have been doing, so eagerly, for so long, and I know I can learn alot from other people. 

If you have suggestions of bloggers you think I should look at because they’re great, tips or pointers you want to share, topics you thing I should cover, suggests for improvement, etc–please share them–in the comments or in an email to smernit gmail.

And thanks for reading.

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    There are so many great bloggers! It seems to me in these hard economic times that it is more important than ever to have a global perspective. Ethan Zuckerman and Emeka Okafor are two blogs I always open. If there were times you were just dialing it in, I never noticed. You always have or point to enlightening posts.

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