BlogHer: Single & Over 40: Holiday Self-Esteem Survival Tips

New post up at BlogHer:

“In the perfect world, we are all in shape, well off and have easy
relationships with family and friends. But this is the real world,
where there are body parts that didn’t get the memo about muscle tone,
anxieties about paying the bills, and family & friends who seem all
cozy in their complacent couple-ness. Even worse, said family and
friends may have very specific aspirations for you, wondering why,
since they think you’re so great, you’re alone (or not with a great
love) on the holidays, or, even worse, convinced that they have an easy
solution to your problem that you must urgently follow, like moving to
Sitka, Alaska because there are more  men there than in San
Francisco, or growing 5 inches and losing 50 pounds.”

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