BlogHer: The Ultimate No-Nos: Holiday Faux Pas Revisited

New sex & relationships post up at BlogHer as part of the holiday survival guide.  A snippet–

“I’ve always secretly believed that at least half the celebrants stuffing in cookies and eggnog on Christmas are self-medicating, while the other half are committing slow death by fat & white sugar. (After all, isn’t one of the main points of the sales after Christmas to give everyone a chance to buy the gifts they wish they’d gotten–and didn’t?)
As someone who is heading off for her second Christmas with the boyfriend’s family (and who will eat far too much of her share of white sugar, chocolate, nuts and other holiday treats), I’ve had the chance to both imagine all the things I could do wrong when I get to his Midwestern city and the bosom of family, and to review all the things they could say and do that would make me nuts (not that I’m an alarmist or anything.) “

The rest here.