Dan Gillmor: Wise words on media and its discontents

Dan Gillmor, who was the first person I know to identify personal brand blogging as a category (We The Media, Grassroots Journalism by the people, for the people), released snippets of a white paper he wrote for the Pulitzer Prize Committee as part of their exploration into allowing web-only sites into their journalism and media competition. His post is well worth a read, but I am going to highlight some of his points here:

  • The prize needs to evolve to stay relevant.
  • Include digital-only, and English-language reporting
    that didn’t originate in the United States.
  • Create new categories 
  • Do away with the distinction between newspapers and other media, Reward the best work in journalism, defined in the broadest possible way.

Dan’s full post is here; interested to see how much further the Committee goes over next 3 years–there is so much potential impact.