Foodzie brings home the bacon–$$1 mill worth!

Just heard that Foodzie, the online marketplace and community for artisan foods, has gotten $1MM in funding from Jeff Clavier, First Round Capital, and a set of angel investors.

For many of the TechStars mentors and companies, Foodzie was a favorite–not only because of the yummy chocolates that kept appearing, but because Rob, Emily and Nick are such driven, passionate people with such a good vision. If likeability is one of the factors in funding start-ups, this team could have walked out with $25MM, and yet, their ability to execute fast and well is obvious, so it’s not just likeability that leads to $1MM in funding.

My secret hope is that having west coast investors moves them from Boulder to the Bay area in the next year; while Boulder is cool, having Emily O around would be superb.

Congrats, everyone!

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  1. David Cohen says:

    They are bound for SF in January.

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