Meaningful giving–#Givelist curates a list of ideas

One of the really cool things about twitter is that it allows the community to share, While some messages are restricted to only those you follow (or who follow you), the #(hashtag) is a twitter format that can show up across messages and follow lists.  (In other words, if  #yahoo, everyone using the same has
htag or with that data in their profile will see it).

Two social venture entrepreneurs, Marnie Webb and Allison Fine, built a cool little app that takes advantage of twitter’s community and #hashtag capabilities. Call The Give List, it’s a sweet little app with its own wordpress blog that lets twitterers (that’s alot of us now, right?) send suggestions for meaningful ways to give without spending money on presents right to the blog as a twitter stream. These lists then show up on the site, where readers can vote and rank them.

Some of the post popular ideas are:

  1. Find a local domestic abuse shelter and donate clothes and toys. | by @gurnage; View Tweet
  2. Have too many skymiles? Donate to injured solders’ families so they can visit them. | by @gurnage; View Tweet
  3. Have season tickets? Give a few away to local Youth org. | by @webb; View Tweet
  4. Donate clothes | by @vanessamason; View Tweet
  5. In Boston, please consider asking people to give food to the pantry at Boston Medical College instead of gifts. | by @joewaters; View Tweet
  6. When people ask what you want for Christmas, ask them to give canned goods to a food pantry. | by @stoweboyd; View Tweet

The Give List just got written up in the NYTimes; for some reason, what the creators want you to really do is got there and make a comment at the end of the article.

So, wouldja?