Pownce heads for the exit; Six Apart buys team, service to invigorate Vox at last

News today that SixApart, the blogging/CMS/publishing tools company that powers this blog, has acquired Pownce, the twitter-like microblogging service run by Leah Culver and others and launched almost a year ago.

It’s always glorious to hear that a hard-working start-up has gotten enough success to be acquired, but this acquisition is especially interesting because it shows how closely real-time presence and lifestreaming tools and CMS platforms are moving together, as web publishing becomes a full lifestream of community, real-time engagement and historical archives of data (video, pictures, text).

As with Rael Dornfest, this is clearly a talent and tools acquisition, but with this acquisition comes the “advisory services” of Digg’s Kevin Rose and Dan Burka. In his acquisition.welcome post, CEO Chris Alden notes his plans to marry Vox and Pownce; you can see the vox blogs of Leah and Mike Malone have been up for 5 whole seconds. Community manager Ariel Waldman also has a brand spankin new Vox blog, so I’d say that signals intent to bring some of the Pownce cool kids sass into the now snooz-ier than planned Vox brand.

Was this a “we acquired your debt and paid back your investors” acquisition, or a we paid cash on the barrel for you deal? I’d vote for the former, but only those involved know.

Guess Leah and Mike are now employees once more..but for how long?

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  1. snarkosaurus says:

    The problem with Vox is that there’s no there there, and never has been. It tries to be sparkly shiny and happy but only manages bland and vanilla– the whole thing has always felt like kindergarten to me.
    If they’d spent less time perpetually rolling out new themes and more time marketing the site and making it actually interesting to use, they might et somewhere.

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