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“By purchasing a puppy instead of adopting, Mr. Biden is setting a poor
example and is unwittingly promoting breeders and puppy mills. There
are millions of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who, through no fault
of their own, end up in shelters and abandoned by owners who weren’t
prepared to take on the responsibility of a pet. Because not enough
people are adopting homeless animals, over 65% of healthy, adoptable,
loving and lovable pets are being killed every day for lack of homes.
It’s appalling and tragic and cruel to keep popping out pups on the one
hand while killing so many on the other.”

–Cheri Shankar on HuffPo, denouncing VP elect Joe Biden for choosing a breeder pup, not a shelter dog, as his new pet.

Susan sez: While I agree that too many animals are overbred and homeless animals need care, this rankles me. A family pet is a personal enough choice that this feels a little too close to telling people that choosing to have children is akin to abandoning foster kids. I don’t think that equation really computes–what matters more than whether people adopt shelt pets or breeder stock is that people who get animals don’t abandon them after they lose their cute–and don’t get pets in the first place if they can’t handle the care.

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  1. outlawdiva says:

    I agree with you, Susan.
    There’s also an important piece that Ms. Shankar left out: although there are puppy mills with reprehensible practices, there are also plenty of reputable breeders out there. The two should not be confused. Personally, *I* would choose a pound puppy to rescue if I were going to have a doggy in my life again, but that’s my decision, and I won’t condemn anyone else who doesn’t share it.

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