Quote of the Day

“2008 has already seen more than 15,000 jobs lost at U.S. newspapers. I believe 2009 will be a defining point in time for U.S. newspapers and not in a good way. Many promising young journalists and students are leaving journalism for other fields.

So, I have to ask: When this financial crisis is over, who will be
left to rebuild journalism? Will there be enough talented journalists
left to rebuild? Will the journalists left have the Web skills that
journalism sorely needs?”

–Pat Thornton, the journalism iconoclast, writing on his blog.

Susan sez: This is a question I am starting to think about alot. At this point, the people left trying to practice online journalism are as passionate–and as practical?–as poets. What will their world turn into? What will the revenue model and business look like? (More on this to come.)