Sex, Yes…but just let me finish this post

Hot on the heels of a New York Magazine feature explaining that now that more younger women drink, just like the fellas, they are more likely to be alcoholic binge drinkers, comes this Intel study that says women are also more likely to be willing to give up sex completely–no nookie or nuthin’–in order to have access to the Internet.

The Intel study–which probably didn’t anticipate it would flush out such a juicy stat–discovered that 46% of all women would choose two weeks of online access over sex (who are they sleeping with?) Even better, 52% of all women ages 35-44 would forgoe sex, and 49% of the 18-44 year old group. (Susan sez: What did the over 44 year olds say?)

Clearly, this silly little study is a comment on how essential online and email are to all of us, but if it means sex isn’t essential, that is worrisome.