Socialtext offering laid-off networks for free

As we all know, alumni networks from past companies are great ways to get jobs, Ross Mayfield’s Socialtext is going to be right there helping those folks make it happen.

Ross writes: “Today, Socialtext is meeting this latent need with a free Corporate Social Network offer for the 2009 Recession.
Any former employee and HR director of a company that reduced its
workforce by 5% or more in the last year can create a private Corporate
Social Network for free by applying here.
Please note that this offer does not include free user support. We ask
for an HR contact to be involved to encourage a constructive tone,
enable the HR department to share informational resources and so the
company can leverage the network over time for connections, knowledge
and expertise. However, as was our experience with the PeopleSoft
Alumni Network, the energy and participation will likely be driven by
the grass-roots.”

Susan sez: This is clever, and cool. We’re going to need a directory for all these support tools!