Techfuga: Aggregator de moment–does it have legs?

Yeah, I am a techmeme addict. I have bloglines and google reader, but I am–even after all this time–a techmeme girl.

So it was intriguing to get a note from the developer of a new–brand new–aggregator–called techfuga asking if I could check it out.  Could, yes.  Did, just now, and the thing is both insanely addictive and less intelligent than TM, my main squeeze.

techfuga, basically aggregates not only a whole bunch of leading tech blogs, but lifestreaming services like friendfeed, all in one interface.  I particularly liked the ability to sort by new and by source—but I also think that the biggest value here is for us compulsive information-gobblers who like lots of data to scan and seize, not for normal people who want a nicely arranged front page–for that techmeme is still #1, thought with some poking techfuga could be competitive.

definitely worth a look.