The Christmas Story as told through Twitter

Louis Gray has written a hilarious piece–here’s a snippet:
JosephOfGalilee: AFK for a bit w/@MaryofNazareth. Headed to Bethlehem. #caesartax

JosephOfGalilee:@MaryofNazareth says no baby tonight. But can’t be long now.

MaryofNazareth: Off to Bethlehem! Hope we find a good inn. @JosephOfGalilee waited until last minute. #caesartax

MaryofNazareth: Bethlehem is a zoo. @JosephOfGalilee says @InnKeeper1 claimed “no room”. Uh-oh.

JosephOfGalilee: No room at the inn. @InnKeeper1 and @InnKeeper2 both. Kill me now. @MaryofNazareth not looking happy.

Susan sez: Of course, if you a) understand this (including the #hastags), and b) think it is funny,  you need to be spending the holidays off the computer, just like I am doing (not).

happy holidays everyone.and enjoy your time online–and off.