@themediaisdying: NYTimes gets all breathless, once again.

Is there something about hard-bitten NYTimes reporters that makes they go all gooey everytime they stumble across–and then write about–anything Web 2.0-ish?

Gushiness is the only thing I can think of-besides needing to fill column inches–that can justify the latest breathless wet kiss for @themediaisdying, a twitter stream of insider-y, media-= bistro like news about media layoffs and collapses (oh yes, and the fact media reporters are fascinated by their own industry).

My snarkiness here is because while the 3,000 followers themediaisdying has garnered in 3 weeks is commendable (as is their strategy of messaging every new person who signs up and asking them to invite all their friends as well), there are people–marketers–on twitter who have 10 times this traffic–and no Times reporters seem to be writing about them.

Why not write about Chris Brogan, who, with 26,250 followers, seems to be turning into the Jimmy Stewart of the interwebs?

Or the super clever Merlin Mann, with 32,000?

Or the  appealing Veronica Belmont (38,000)?

Of course, none of them are focusing on the crash and burn of the media industry, which @themediaisdying covers extremely well. But the size of their audience ain’t the news, honey, not in this world.