Tumblr raises $1.5MM, proving blogging ain’t jumping the shark anytime soon

Just heard that David Karp’s tumblr, beloved platform for re-bloggers, photo-bloggers and cool bloggers who need places to park their precious overflows has raised $1.5 milion from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital, which led the company’s first $750,000 round a year ago. It’s always a good sign when the VCs re-up for the B round, as they did this time; one would imagine that Karp’s impressive stats–150,000 users a month driving 61MM page views per month and 15 MM unique visitors (no ads, folks.)

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  1. Joe Lazarus says:

    I think this round was $4.5M, not $1.5M…
    I’m a little skeptical of the rumors I’ve heard about their revenue plan, but Tumblr definitely has a small, but loyal fan base.

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