Who are the women enterepreneurs you admire? Taking names now.

For a piece I am writing for the end of the year, I’d like to hear from
people about who are the women entrepreneurs they admire–name,
company, and why. 
We’re not only talking tech here, but all areas–manufacturing, design, services, media, etc.

For the purpose of this piece, let’s define an entrepreneur as
someone who starts and or leads a business where they are a clear
driver of its development and growth; one critera for fitting this list
will be whether their specific actions have driven revenue, audience
acquisition, social change, or other success metrics.

Please email me at smernit at gmail dot com with suggestions;
I’ll acknowledge everyone who contributes suggestions who includes a
working email address and/or URL.

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  1. CJ Romberger says:

    Melinda Maine-Garvey and Sam Stevens – Austin Woman Magazine
    Tina Schweiger – Blueshoe Spoonbend
    Kirsten Cutshall – Steel Interactive
    Rachel Clemens – Creative Suitcase
    Jenny Krengel – Dream Jobs
    The list goes ON, but I have to be somewhere, so I’ll give this some thought and maybe comment more later! :)

  2. Penny Haynes says:

    Off the very top of my head (and I KNOW I’m missing a bunch):
    Glenda Watson Hyatt – http://www.doitmyselfblog.com & Web Accessibility
    Krishna De – BizGrowthNews.com
    Anna Farmery – The Engaging Brand
    Heidi Richards – WECAI.org
    Rebecca Hubbard – Digital-Women.com

  3. Anita DeFrank says:

    Lynn Terry of http://www.ClickNewz.com
    I sincerely admire Lynn and consider her not only a good friend but a mentor willing to help anyone who’s willing reach their goals. She’s a true rags to riches success story who doesn’t forget where she came from!
    I admire any woman entrepreneur who sets a goal and works hard to reach it!

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