Will Obama’s stimulus plan generate jobs for women?

Just read an op ed piece in the NYTimes by Linda R Hirshman that layouts the possibility that Obama’s economic revitalization plans, focusing on infrastructure improvements, will fail to provide enough jobs for women.

Linda R. Hirshan, author of Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World, writes: “A just economic stimulus plan must include jobs in fields like social work and teaching, where large numbers of women work. he
bulk of the stimulus program will provide jobs for men, because
building projects generate jobs in construction, where women make up
only 9 percent of the work force.
It turns out that green jobs
are almost entirely male as well, especially in the alternative energy

A broad study by the United States Conference of Mayors found
that half the projected new jobs in any green area are in engineering,
a field that is only 12 percent female, or in the heavily male
professions of law and consulting; the rest are in such traditional
male areas as manufacturing, agriculture and forestry.


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