Womanist Musings: She moved me

In checking out the Black Woman Walking documentary I just posted, I read a post by Womanist Musings that moved me and I wanted to share. Although I am white, many of the themes in this post are things I can relate to, and are the issues that fuel both aspects of my feminism and the need to help make positive social change (and yes, I am aware that these descriptions only describe some men, not all, and I understand they may hurt men who read them, just as they hurt me.)

Here’s some of the powerful writing this piece sparked for WM: “Walking down the
street, men seem to have no problem looking at me as though I am a
piece of meat that they are ready to throw on a BBQ.  It as if the only
reason I exist is for their pleasure.  At no point is my humanity
recognized in their desire to consume me, to declare me a possession.

I walk with the unhusband hand in hand black men look at me as though I
have somehow betrayed them.  It is as though I have betrayed my entire
race for daring to love as I chose.  It is not about me as a person but
their right to claim ownership over me.  It seems that black women
belong to everyone but ourselves.  We have no identity other than
servitude, exploitation and submission.”

There is more here, well worth reading. For those who follow the documentary’s trail and question some of the director’s assumptions, this post from Black Girl Blogging is articulate and useful.