Wowowow raises 1.5MM A round; proves VCs will fund media sites for affluent older women

Wowowow, the upscale, post-70s web site for todays’ women, over 50 division, raised a reported $1.MM from Bob Pittman and the other shrewd (and wealthy) graybeards at Pittman’s The Pilot Group (n top of a previous from the oh so affluent founders.). If you recall, Pilot is the funder that bought (and recently sold The Daily Candy), proving early on that someone was willing to fund media plays on the next a few years ago.

This is thrilling news to me because it proves VCs are closely watching the success(and explosive trajectory) of BlogHer and looking for other properties that can deliver those highly prized female decision makers. Wowowow is so upscale I don’t know that it will speak to the folks in the heartland, but with the big, shiny names and the liberal tone, it’s certainly got sparkle.
Peter Kafka  quotes Wowowo was saying they had 600,000 unique visitors in November, 10 months after it launched. Even if they’re buying SEM traffic to get those numbers. they’re a good, strong start.

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  1. Amy Millman says:

    How refreshing. A site that doesn’t talk down to us. Sex in the City for us older broads. These are informed women hanging out on the web that I can access anywhere anytime. People I trust to inform and entertain me. Bravo Joni and her posse of fabulous women.

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