Zentact: the zen of contact management launches

My friend Jared Brandt and the Zentact team–led by serial–and parallel–entrepreneur Eric Marcoullier–just announced this new service,.

This social-network conscious contact management system allows you to identify and tag people associated with email addresses or social network profiles and then helps you manage your connections to them, prompting you to send them story links and other data it reads on the web pages you are browsing.

In other words, if you were linked to founder Eric Marcoullier and you’d tagged him with MyBlogLog, Boulder, ‘Gnip, Florida, angels, VCs, techstars, and San Francisco, you’d get a prompt to send him a note if you cruised pages with these items–especially if you hadn’t sent him anything in a while. Even better, the system tells you the last time you sent that person anything, so you can manage your communications.

I used Zentact in the alpha and my biggest problem with it was the speed it which it operated–a crawl–or slower. I’ve also had problems tagging people (this is probably because I added more contacts that the system could process quickly in either their javascript front end or their look up table, not sure which). Surely, this will improve as they prepare for more real customers.

Unlike some social network tools, which I try and then promptly abandon, I’d like to keep using Zentact till I get a good feel for how it really works. It’s promising. Very.

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  1. Jared Brandt says:

    We are thrilled that you like our service! Speed is getting better as is our tagging system. When you have a chance, update our extension.
    Looking forward to seeing your new project live.

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