BlogHer: New Post on Equality Camp SF live

Just posted: Equality Camp: BarCamp style unconference takes on Marriage Equality issues
over at BlogHer.
Here’s the lede:
EqualityCamp–held January 3rd in San Francisco–was a pilot event
to bring Web 2.0 geeks who know the lessons of the Web well together
with activists for marriage equality and equal rights for gays.

So, if you’re straight, do you care about marriage equality? Do you
want the gay and lesbian couples you know to be able to make the same
civil, legal commitment to get married that straight, heterosexual
couples can? Or are you afraid supporting marriage equality will lead
to marrying too many same sex couples in your church, or a general
decline in cultural values?

If you’re not straight, are you a woman who can’t marry her partner
because you both share a specific sex/gender, or a trans-person who
cannot marry as the gender you really are, as opposed to what you were
born with?”

More here.