@davewiner, how do I get a Friends of Susan, please?

Completely thrilled by dave winer’s friend of dave feeds and streams.  Not because I want to follow dave’s aggregation of his friends and influencers, but because I would like to be more adept at building the same tools for myself, and I already suck at using Yahoo pipes.

Reading Dave’s post, and checking out his feeds, made me realize how quickly the world is becoming customized and DIY; this kind of programming and information management is yet another step in that direction.

I would be thrilled if Dave found a way to release his code, build some consumer tools around it, or document his steps for others to replicate.

Maybe this is the project where many people should each contribute a small amount to support development a la spot.us (I’d do that).

Nice work, dave, One again you have proven how cool your skills are. What’s next?

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  1. Joe Lazarus says:

    You could make something like this with TwitterFeed.com. Just create a new Twitter account (ie. friendsofsusan) and then use TwitterFeed to post any RSS feeds to that account.

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