Fembots or Geek Girls? Come to She’s Geeky in Jan 09 & choose yr own adventure

1.Are they animatronic robots,fleshy fembots, or real live (tech) girls? Be careful about getting too close to the girl geeks coming to ShesGeeky #3 in January 2009; your fantasies might be compromised.
barbarella 2.gif

2. Are you a woman who self-identifies as a geek? Do you dream in code, weld, program software/machines or plan world domination with your ear piece plugged in 24/7? Do your friends think you are a net addict? Do you think anywhere your camera, flip cam and laptop/web connection live is *home*?

3. She’s Geeky is an (un)conference for women who are geeks that is going to be held in Mountain View, CA on January 30 and 31st. The last one, in October 2007, was wonderful; given that everyone on the planet is 18 months older and therefore 11.2 (net) years more web savvy, this one should be even better, so long as you show up and make it so.

Here’s the deal: It’s two days, starting price is $60.00 per day, scholarships and discounts for unemployed folks (even laid-off engineers!) are available, and the fee includes payment for the space at the Computer History Museum, some schwag, and all the food you can eat.

More details are available as follows: