ISO: Anyone want to help synch Outlook, Gmail and Blackberry for a non-profit worker with a problem?

A good friend of mine has a problem.  He works for a nonprofit with no $$ left for anymore tech support, and he’s an outlook junkie with a large Outlook archive, on a PC natch,
Now, he;s trying to I synchronize his Gmail with Outlook, but not only is the a task complicated by a very large volume of stored mail) , he also needs to synchronize his calenders, task lists, etc, across Gmail, Outlook, and Blackberry. Currently no two of these systems are synchronized, which is…a nightmare.

The Gmail is one of those workplace enterprise accounts, before that the org ran off a MSFT Enterprise server.

The ask for someone smart enough, and in the Bay area, who can help walk my friend though fixing these systems. He can pay a small fee, for barter for something along the lines of bottles of wine and brownies (my friend is a good cook).

If you are feeling kind and want to take a crack at this, let me know, please. If you think phone support would do it, let me know that, too.

And thanks.