It’s hot in herre; women’s networks heat up further

As magazines crumble, online media networks gain in value, with women’s networks as one of the hottest areas (reflecting the on-going, but not quick enough move of brand advertisers in CPG from print to web). 

Now Meredith Publishing, which acquired a stake in Real Girls Media Network, publishers of Divine Caroline, has re-organized the company to create the Meredith Women’s Network, a roll up of their sites for Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Fitness, More,, The Parents Network, and a bevy of new BG spin-outs, including the soon to launch Mixing Bowl, a food and lifestyle site.

The full network reaches 15 million uniques a month, enough to stack up against the competition for advertisers–and audience–from iVillage/BlogHer/NBCi, Yahoo’s Shine, the Glam and Sugar networks, and whatever Hearst is doing.

Of course, the topics and themes of this effort are nothing new–but the continually every-heating up push for eyeballs and revenue seems to continually intensify as legacy brands get pushed toward the box canyons of the web, where audiences are fickle and targeting and ROI are merciless.