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“…the idea of  “Job” as a full time object that can support a person or
even a family, is disappearing.”
–Robert Paterson, consultant, writing on his blog.

(Hat tip to Amy Gahran for the link)

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  1. Mike The Real Mr Science says:

    Huge increases in the “mobility” of information and people in the late 20th century doomed the idea of a secure “job.” Even in industries where the “product” is a physical object “jobs” are increasingly insecure due to the almost universal availability and transportability of sophisticated manufacturing equipment. “Job security” can be increased only by constant differentiation in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The conundrum is that action that differentiates also creates risk, and risk inevitably results in some failure. Failure is, of course, inherently “insecure.” Although conservatives find it hard to believe, this implies that if government wants to improve job security, it ought to improve the social safety net. A better safety net will make it more appealing for workers and decision makers to take the risks inherent in differentiation, and it is differentiation which results in job security.
    Mike The Real Mr Science

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