Quote of the Day

“The pool of graduate students is no longer dominated by young men with
stay-at-home wives. Nearly half of our graduate students are women, and
this generation wants a different kind of life — not one where the men
work round the clock and the women take care of the home and children.
Instead, these students envision dual-career families with both parents
sharing in child raising.”

Mary Ann Mason, writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education about how the interest of women in doctoral programs who want to pursue academic careers has declined in the past year by 30%, men by 20%. A student’s telling comment was “There is a pervasive attitude that the female graduate student in
question must now prove to the faculty that she is capable of
completing her degree, even when prior to the pregnancy there were
absolutely no doubts about her capabilities and ambition.”

Final bonus quote from another study participant: Don’t get a Ph.D.! Just don’t do it: There are so many other things in
life that you could do for a living that are as intellectually
challenging, pay more, and where women having children is not a big
deal. Academia is stuck in the 1970s at best on this issue.”