Scott Moore is heading back to Microsoft

Former Yahoo! Santa Monica guy Scott Moore is heading back to his previous corporate employer, Microsoft, to run their internet business, says Paid Content, adding the news will become public on Monday.

My favorite quote in Staci Kramer’s story, echoing a quote from an earlier piece, is that corporate people don’t usually go off into start-up land, despite noises they make to the contrary. The exact quote: “othing hard and fast to it, but the longer someone has been in the
system, the less likely it is that person will leave for good–unless
they can’t find a suitable spot. Moore was at Microsoft for a decade
before he moved to Yahoo.”

Next question: What is happening with the Santa Monica content business–as opposed to the Front Doors team-at Yahoo?

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  1. Meitar Moscovitz says:

    Excuse my French, but fuck, after all I’ve heard about it Yahoo! must be really bad if an ex-Microsoft employee wants to go back in order to get back to the “corporate lifestyle.”
    Sadly, Yahoo! seems to have been more technically innovative recently than any other company I can think of, yet they’ve been completely incompetent in turning any of that innovation into valuable revenue streams. The people who failed at Yahoo! on that front don’t exactly strike me as a boon for Microsoft, either.
    This story really just reads like incestuous nepotism to me.

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