The buzz on Bartz

Sarah Lacy: “In ten years of being a reporter, I found her unlike any other tech CEO
at that level, especially highly-guarded female CEOs like Meg Whitman
and Carly Fiorina. She’s not veneered. She’s unafraid to talk about her
role in the industry as a woman. She says something conclusive when she
speaks, not a lukewarm point to please everyone. She gets tech, has a
backbone, and most important, is a leader who pumps people up. “

Jessica Guynn, LA Times:“Bartz will have to please the thousands of advertisers who pitch their
products and services through Yahoo and the Yahoo employees who are
worried about whether the company can remain relevant.”

John Battelle: “I does strike me that Yahoo needs a stronger suite of media-savvy executives now that Weiner and Rosensweig are gone.”

John Furrier:”What Carol needs to do is filter the signal from the noise internally
at Yahoo. I’m sure everyone there is jockying for position.  Carol
needs to hire from the outside and bring in some ‘mavericks’ to get
Yahoo relevant again in both the product side and the corporate side.”

Carol Bartz: “I do believe I’m a good manager. I think I listen to people; I think I’m fair. Tough, but fair. I believe that I give people a lot of chances to run and manage their jobs. And I’m there to support them.”