The Facebook meme: 25 25 things about me

There’s something so appealing about this meme, isn’t there? Yesterday, 253 people clicked on the link to go see my FB 25 things (which I had a blast writing).
Given the interest (and my fondness for Megan Smith’s round up of Beyonce parodies), it seemed worth an hour to skim through other folks 25 things and see what I could share that was, if not priceless, at least worth a read. These are on FB and the web.

  • Jeremy Pepper: “Went to elementary school with Selma Blair and middle school with
    Elizabeth Berkeley – probably why I have no interest in entertainment
    … as I know they’re just people.”
  • Erin Kotecki Vest: “My food isn’t allowed to touch, with rare exceptions.”
  • Mona Nomura: ” I can choose to live in three countries – legally.”
  • Invisible company:”i’m officially in a relationship, but to all intents and purposes i’m single.”
  • Lil Mouse: “Nothing makes me happier than sitting and watching birds, squirrels, or my baby sit and play a while.”
  • With Sexy Results: “No one ever answered the door naked, but I saw plenty of weird things
    in my time as a pizza delivery guy. The worst was probably the house
    where the entire place was covered in ankle deep garbage… and there
    were 2 kids were playing on the floor.”
  • Aldon Hynes:”I lived on a boat in the Hudson River for about four years after
    college. It was great in the summer time, sitting on the back of the
    boat. But during the winter, I would huddle down with a bottle of
    scotch and a Russian novel under the covers waiting for Spring.”
  • ladybugs in a blender: “I have had a total of 17 jobs. I’ve only been fired from one. A shoe
    store. Because I sold too many mismates (a size 7 and a 7.5… or maybe
    two left shoes).”
  • Cianna Stewart: “y drag character is Cherry Cordial. She was born on a Valentine’s Day when I wanted to dress like a candy.”
  • Aaron Brazell: “My doctor tells me I need to eat right, sleep better and lose the stress. My room mate calls it the “Prime Directive”
  • LindsayD: “I am one of the few women married to a geek who might actually out-geek
    her husband.  I love gadgets and gizmos at least as much as Tad does,
    and I was a programmer before him (I got him into it).”
  • Monique: ” lived in Vegas for 8 years.  I feel like I had the life sucked out of me the entire time.”
  • LizMoney:”You are at probably at most, 6 degrees of separation from someone i’ve dated.”
  • psychobabble: “I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the idea of gender being as
    black and white as it is. I prefer think that there aren’t just two,
    but a range. For that matter, I’ve always resented having to resign
    myself to just one.”
  • Jay Lane: “I am ridiculously sarcastic (if you hadn’t noticed). I’m going to get
    paid back by my oldest son. Apparently he has the “gift” as well.”
  • All eyes on Jenny: “I had a permanent retainer in Kindergarten to correct my under bite. It
    gave me a horrible lisp and all the kids made fun of me, so I ripped
    out of my mouth. To this day I have a scar on my tongue from it.
    Sometimes I tell people it was from a tongue ring because somehow that
    seems more … normal.”
  • Whozat: “I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but never believed it would really happen.”
  • Jere Keys: “I drink about 2 liters of Diet Coke every day (3-4 of the 20oz
    bottles). I know I shouldn’t. I know it’s rotting my teeth. But we’re
    going to call this habit the “last step” in the ongoing “getting
    healthy” efforts.”
  • Gail at large: “As a kid, I was so superstitious I was absolutely terrified at the prospect of turning 13.”
  • the goddess room: “My father was a former soldier, and a Black Power man, who helped to
    lead an abortive coup against the government of Trinidad & Tobago
    in 1970.”
  • Brandon Schory:”I am from New Jersey, and I do not like Bruce Springsteen.”
  • eliza writes: “I love recipes that cause me to use every pan in the kitchen and take all day.”
  • city girl lifestyle:Whenever I think of the pre-internet and
    pre-blogging world, I always get a little sad for people who couldn’t
    have wide readership on account of not being published in a book or
    newspaper. They had to account for the price of printing or mimeographs
    or photocopying and postage too.”
  • blatherskite: I have the Santa Cruz Beach Harbor cam bookmarked and I check it several times a day. It is my “happy place.””
  • Marvin Pittman: Black nerds have it tough. Not quite black enough, not quite nerd
    enough, so we don’t fit in either space. Modern black culture
    emphasizes street cool, whereas most nerd culture is overwhelmingly
    white. Perhaps the Obama era will change some of this: a black nerd is
    in the White House yet he’s full of unflappable swagger of


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  1. sungoddess says:

    Hey, thanks for quoting me! :) And what an interesting one of my ’25 Things’ to choose… that that is what reached out and grabbed you.
    Blessings and Good Things,

  2. Jeremy Pepper says:

    Wow – I made top?! I’ll have to buy drinks, then, if you’re making it out to BlogHer. :)

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