The LInked In LIONS: Are you connected (and should you unfriend them?)

LInkedin, the *professionally-focused* (read job-hunting) social network, asks people to only connect to people they know. But in this time of ambient intimacy (my buzzword of the day), knowing someone could mean you worked for the same company at one point, or they commented on your blog, neither of which are exactly strong ties.

Some of these more open connectors may have thousands of links, rather than hundreds, but they’re not the whales of Linked In.  According to TopLinked, a site that tracks LI connections, there are 50 people who have collected between 14,000 and 30,000 names.

According to CIO Magazine, LinkedIn is not happy with these super whales, and is trying to clamp down on their adding so many people. 

The top LIONS (or linked in open networkers) are:

1 Ron Bates 44,000+
2 Kenneth Warner Weinberg 41,000+
3 Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski 41,000+
4 Steven Burda 34,000+
5 Wei Guan 32,000+
6 Marc Freedman 31,000+

Are you connected to any of them?

Not surprisingly, most of these LIONS are headhunters. More surprisingly only 3 of the 50 are women (so much for us being the more relationship-oriented gender).

I started reading the CIO piece with the idea I would want to unfriend anyone I was connected to ob this list. but after spending a little time tooling around TopLinked, I don’t feel that way.
I actually admire the drive of these recruiters, who want to connect to as many people as possible to aid their work.

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  1. Helene K says:

    I like your point. In my case, I have worked mostly for sole practitioners or small firms, so I never will have hundreds of connections that many people have obtained organically from prior work at larger companies. While I haven’t been “adopted” by any LIONs yet, I feel I can use all the help I can get from my current contacts for future job searches.

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