Wow, Yahoo’s Sue Decker is resigning; will Hilary Schneider be #2?

Just read Kara Swisher’s post that Sue Decker is resigning and joining the board. Sounds true, not a surprise, After being passed over for the top role, isn’t moving out of operational line of fire the smartest thing for her?

The Yahoo! release  says nothing about other staff, and Yahoo! has had enough talent drain for Bartz to move carefully and assess the facts, but she would be shrewd to turn to Hilary Schneider as the incumbent to help with that need. Not only is Hilary the freshest exec who’s stayed on, she’s had her own previous experiences with turn-arounds and she knows the online ad space, gets local and is just generally kick ass capable.

On the other hand, it would not be surprising for Bartz to bring in strong managers from outside Big Purple–but I predict Hilary is going to get a good workout with Bartz and a chance to prove herself–she surely has the skills.