Yippee & Who-hoo! Random Silicon Valley execs plot to take over Yahoo!

Wish you could have seen the big smile on my face when I read Mike Arrington’s TC post that a group of Silicon Valley investors want to take over Yahoo! and make it work. To this day, I shake my head in wonder at how something so good could go so wrong–Yahoo! has so many qualities of a winner, but it lost, big-time–in so many ways.

Could new local management make it right, or at least set it on the right course? 
I think so.
(Of course, on the other hand, so many execs have passed through Y in the past 12 months that there’s the Who are you talking about here thing? and that does matter.)

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  1. Ryan Kuder says:

    Any word on who those execs are? It’s a bargain at the prices he mentioned.

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