25 things meme #3, for Tuesday

Hey, do you think I am being obsessive as I continue to curate this meme? 25 things you didn’t know about me is just so much fun to read, whether you know the people or not. So, some other posters I found (or who messaged me):

  • Ryan Kuder:“I will eat anything once. Although the last time I was in Beijing, I
    had spicy fish that put me in the hospital. Note to self: Lay off the
    spicy fish.”
  • Happy Robot/Lisa Says: My biggest passion in life is hating my job.”
  • Chez Pim:I make butter for a Michelin-two-star restaurant, and it’s the best
    damned butter in this country. And no, you can’t buy it.”
  • Lisa Nowak:I spent 13 years building and
    driving race cars before I wised up to the fact that it was a second
    full-time job and a total money suck. Now I just write YA books about
    stock car racing.”
  • Sarah Nelson:I group my candy by colors before eating it.”
  • Britt Bravo: “I saw Long Day’s Journey into Night with Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey,
    Peter Gallagher and Blythe Danner in New York during high school. My
    class sat in the front row. I cried so hard at the end, I couldn’t
    stand up to applaud. We waited at the side door for the actors to come
    out. When Jack Lemmon saw me he said, “I was so happy that you were so
  • Deborah Elizabeth Finn: “I love Victorian literature, and have even gone so far as to read novels by Charlotte Yonge and Mrs Humphry Ward.”
  • Deanna Zandt: “went from being the grrl who could sleep till 2 in the afternoon to the
    grrl who can’t sleep past 7:30 in the morning in just under 6 years.”
  • Glen Gleason:“I think I would have made a good Jedi.”
  • devvieish: “I have a love/hate relationship with programming. I know that it ought
    to be possible to tell a computer do to anything you can define… so I
    keep trying to do exactly that, and keep being frustrated with failure
    at poor documentation and not-all-powerful languages.””
  • Jennifer Burdette Satterwhite: “I am better at talking in front of a large crowd than I am at making small talk with one new person.”
  • Shmuel Moshe Yonah: “In the past three years, I have become nearly completely fluent in
    Hebrew. This has mostly taught me that being bilingual means being
    completely incoherent in two languages.”
  • Bernard Moon: “While learning to ride a bike, I was knocked unconscious. My father
    tried a short cut and placed me on an inclined road and let it ride! My
    brother was given the slow route on flat surfaces when his time came.:
  • ink and vellum:“I often quote random lines of Old English poetry. And I’ve done it in a bar. Drunk and sober. On multiple occasions.”
  • Phase: Next: “For the past few weeks, I haven’t gone a day without consuming something blueberry flavored or filled (or the actual berry). “
  • Obsidian Bladed:“I got into the whole online furry thing by moving on from S.W.A.T. Kats
    communities and fanart pages to Yerf when I was in middle school.”
  • Many Good Things: “My husband and I went to the same grade and high schools. He was a year behind me and I knew his little brother but not him.”
  • jump off the bridge: “I am 100% addicted to Twitter. I’m not ashamed. In fact, I’m ashamed that you AREN’T addicted to Twitter.”
  • a granite sack and legs of log: “i have stumbled into nearly every job i’ve ever had by some combination
    of accident, luck and being a comparative peon in the right places at
    the right times. i recommend the strategy.
  • life begins at thirty: “In order to go to sleep, I usually take 4 to 5 digit numbers and
    factorize them down as much as I can in my head. So … 12345 = 2469 x
    5 = 823 x 3 x 5 …etc. It’s comforting that it takes all my brain
    power to hold the numbers in my head which means that I can’t fret
    about anything else.”
  • random thoughts and acts of stupidity: “Thanks to my Irish/English heritage I have to get my chin hairs zapped on a regular basis.”
  • Izoro Bend Blog:” I always have to hold back tears when someone sings the National Anthem (if they do a good job).”
  • mysterious blisterious:“I wonder if being horny all the time is just me or if it is a guy thing.”
  • e-moleskining:“f I could adopt a pet monkey, I would.”