Facebook Rules, from NYT Room for Debate

From the NYTimes Room for Debate:

If anyone is wondering whether the media companies or the
people formerly known as the audience, are in control of things, the recent
Facebook dust-up should settle that once and for all. The people are.

Using the same social media tools campaigners relied on to
build support for President Barack Obama during his campaign, Facebook users
lashed out with a quick, loud protest, flooding the blogosphere, the
twitterverse and Facebook itself with their angry discontent over an onerous and
unreasonable new terms of service policy that gave Facebook ownership of content
even after the user had deleted his or her account.
Does anyone doubt that online crowds can produce an angry
roar? Or that, now that growing number of people know how to self-organize
online, we’re going to see more and more virtual protests and crusades, a thaw
of well-mobilized discontent on everything from Facebook’s terms of service
(which were unreasonable) to the petition calling on Obama to appoint Michael
Pollan as Czar of Food.
In other words, this fury at Facebook is only the
beginning. Welcome to the kvetchesphere, people.