Chris Messina calls for gender-balanced tech conferences

Cris Messina: “The question is no longer “where are all the women?
— it’s why the hell aren’t white men making sure that women are up on
stage telling their story and sharing the insights that they uniquely
can provide!”

“To the contrary, the saturation of men in technology leads to women
become marginalized and invisible. They are there, and they are
present, but somehow we don’t miss them when they’re not up on stage
standing next to us. And that’s something that absolutely must change.

The future of web apps — and the conferences that tell their stories — should not be gender-neutral or gender-blind — but gender-balanced. “

Susan sez: The caring and articulate concern of men like Chris and Kevin Marks (and others) is so appreciated by women who look at “hot” conferences and see almost no one who shares a gender with them, then wonder if that conference’s community has any interest at all in including them.

But the challenge is for organizers to budget the time to jump out of their comfort zone when they plan their programs–and to believe it matters enough both to the quality of the experience–and the marketing–that they find, in vite and include talented women.

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  1. Non-White Female says:

    Why white men? What about the other men in this nation that are influential in politics and business? Such shallow statement.

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