Liveblogging #We Media: Discussion, ideas for David Plouffe

There’s an interesting discussion in the room about what technology can do next to help support the kinds of change government needs, referencing Obama’s speech last night.

George Brock of the Financial Times, London, Jenna Lawrence of Ashoka Changemakers, others chiming in on discussing who now takes on ownership of information, tools, and user experience. Wendy Browser from Greenmap says that civics matter;

Kristen from Space for Good (who brought candy to their expo table) says that the Adminstration can message bills to NGOs who then email their supporters who then email their congress people,..the virtuous circle of lobbying

More comments: John Fisher, government web sites have such poor user experience, Obama did such a better job and better tools to make experience outsources and accessible.

Brian Reich: Constrains of being in office require that community organization around the Adminstration be grassroots, not top down

Dale: Form groups to discuss these challenges..lunch workgroups and meet ups during breaks.