Maynard Institute Workshop, The Future is Now: How to Survive and Thrive in an Era of Uncertainty

Maynard Institute
, de
dicated to training journalists of color and helping the news media
reflect the nation’s diversity in staffing, content and business
operations, is also focusing on retraining and on midcareer journalists.  This coming Friday, March 6th,  in partnership with the Annenberg School for
Communication at the University of Southern California, Maynard is offering 
“The Future is Now,” a one-day workshop focusing on surviving the current downturn and planning next steps (they say it more elegantly, but that’s the bottom line, IMHO).

There’s a team of smart people giving workshops at the event–Kim Moy, managing editor, Yahoo! front page (and someone who has reinvented herself a couple of times), Larry Olmstead, former head of HR for Knight-Ridder and now a career coach, among other things,exec coach Rafael Gonzalez,  and myself.

I’m doing a workshop on Building Your Brand through Social Media, a topic Twitter folk and friends in the tech bubble talk about endless, but that is relevant to everyone. I’ll have a tip sheet and some handouts for the session, which we will post on the web as well.

If you have suggestions for papers, blog posts, and people to follow who are articulate about the whys and how-toos of brand building online as opposed to people who have done a great job building their brand but may not be articulate about it) please leave info in the comments; this is another way to show the power of networks to these participants.
Here’s the deets:
Date: Friday, March 6
Location: Annenberg School, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Tuition: $75–Includes morning refreshments and lunch.