More 25 things (aka this Facebook meme just keeps on rolling)

Jump the shark or tipping point? Have you “done” this meme? ** (If yes, let me know)
Here’s some new ones:

  • Holly Tse: “I’m very curious about the metaphysical. I’ve had a picture of my aura
    taken, had my tarot cards and palm read, saw a deep trance channeler,
    astral-travelled once, spontaneously healed myself from minor aches,
    and have been under hypnosis.”
  • Elizabeth Wood: “I recently bought an iPod because when we bought our Prius it had a
    port for an iPod. Now, I’ve wanted an iPod before but never felt like I
    needed one or wanted one enough to buy one. My sudden much-more-intense
    desire for one reminded me of the kids book “If you give a mouse a
  • Joe Lazarus: “One of the Beatles once told me I’m “cool”. He had been drinking.”
  • Mary Ann Chick Whiteside: “Like Meegan Holland, I booked (and organized) concerts and I can’t go
    to a show now without picking apart the lighting, sound, stage
    presence, musicianship, etc. Like, had I been in charge of this
    weekend’s 32nd Ann Arbor Folk Festival, I would have ….”
  • Elizabeth Willse: “Once entropy and stacks of papers have taken over my desk I
    procrastinate dealing with them for weeks on end, get fed up, and kill
    a weekend afternoon sullenly shoving papers into files. Same with
    clothes and closet space.”
  • Erin Caudell:”I love the process of things. This is why I like to cook, spin wool and hunt.”
  • Dangerous Lee: “I consider Wentworth Miller to be my TV husband.”
  • Noelle Royer:: “I totally thought that I could get to 75 dives this coming trip to Thailand. It won’t happen.”
  • Chrystal Price:”I own over 100 pairs of shoes. And over 50 handbags.”
  • David Beach: ” was once held up at gun point. I thought it was a joke. The gun was loaded.”
  • Chris Pulliam: “Despite my parents meeting each other in a bowling league, I didn’t
    bowl for fun until my late teens, and didn’t become obsessed with it
    until I was about 23.”
  • Jake Pulliam:“I find it darkly amusing that I have wrinkles on my forehead and zits
    on my chin. I always figured by the time I had wrinkles, I would no
    longer have zits!”
  • Audacia Ray: “2009 is my tenth year of living in New York and my fifth year writing
    my blog Waking Vixen. I consider these to be the two most defining
    things in my life. I would not be who I am without them.”
  • Jacinda Phillips:”
    There is no night-time light pollution where I live, 10 mi from the nearest street light.”
  • Katie Phillips: “I know more about horses than math.”
  • Katherine Eberznik:”I have a fear of running out of things so I always have backups for my
    backups for all beauty products, school supplies, and household
    cleaning products.”
  • Shanna Katz: “This is the fourth time I’ll have been in the Vagina Monologues.”
  • Jess Barron:“My first-ever crush was on Han Solo in first grade when I saw “The
    Empire Strikes Back” at the drive-in. Later crushes included Michael
    Hutchence (in 8th grade) and Kyle McLaughlin’s Agent Dale Cooper in
    Twin Peaks.”
  • Bethany Del Lima: “I love the color of dawn and twilight.”
  • Michael Fortin: “I am a stockings man. Yes, I love a woman in stockings. When Sylvie
    puts them on before a night out, I need to ignore her or else we’d
    never end up going to where we were supposed to go.”
  • Tom Formeski: “I like to have my cake and eat it.”
  • Amber Rhea: “I like things to be clean because to me cleanliness is part of
    respecting your environment. I don’t mean that in a hippie way; I mean
    “environment” in the broad sense like, whatever is around you. E.g., if
    you live in a house you should care about it and keep it up.”

** Why am I into curating this meme?
I love the way the 25 things meme demonstrates the following things: we are all more similar than different, our diversity is fascinating, and everyone has something interesting about them. Also, it highlights that there are always new things to be learned, even about people we know well.

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  1. Elkit says:

    My 25 bits are here. And you’re so right about what this demonstrates! One of my friends just sent me a thank-you for tagging him – he said he learned new things even about his kids.

  2. Jacinda says:

    LOL, funny the things you find when you google your name. :)

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