Notes from the TOC conference

2009 TOC Conference, was an interesting experience for me. When I first heard about it,I thought the focus might be CMS and platforms, topics dear to my heart, but the focus is actually next generation book publishing and business models.

That means I learned alot more about how “What is Amazon going to do?” is a critical motivator for publishers , about publishing’s interest in the eBook, the PDF, the mobil interface and the Kindle, as well as the DRM divide.

Among the more mainstream speakers (ie core to the focus of this conference), are the following, all collected in a Best of TOC book on demand:

Presos of note were also given by Cory Doctorow, Peter Brantley, Nick Bilton and, of course, Jeff Jarvis, who did a great job discussing his new book.

Last words from Calvin Reid at Publisher’s Weekly who said: “The TOC conference alternates between the confusing and the inspiring,
the revelatory and the perfectly obvious, which I suppose is the best
way to describe the current moment in book publishing.”

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  1. Suzanne Axtell says:

    Thanks for speaking at the TOC conference, Susan, it was great to have you there. I was sorry we ran out of time in the “Future of News” panel, I really wanted to ask you to elaborate on the “trusted” aspects of new and citizen journalism.

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