Pink Garage Mentoring: TechStars & YCombinator for women-led teams

you a woman or part of a women led team interested in applying to a
tech incubator?

Pink Garage Mentors are experienced founders, VCs and
C-level execs who will read your application pre-submission, help you
refine it, and provide virtual coaching to serious applicants.

If you would like a mentor for your summer 2009 TechStars and/or yCombinator application, email pinkgaragementors at with a copy of your application and we will match you with a mentor.

We have a great team of experienced start-up CEOs, women execs and female VCs who have volunteered to do this; we all want to help women get ahead in tech and business and this is a starting place, (And yes, ycombinator and TechStars both know and are fine with it).

I’ll keep posting updates on this project, but if you know people we can help, spread the word.