Pout. Sigh. One more 25 things featuring Gov Jerry Brown

25 things about me is the viral meme that’s hard to resist, and while I told myself I was done curating these notes, there’s just too many interesting people posting for me not to give in this one last time (I mean, former Governer Jerry Brown, come on!)  

And besides, the New York Times article that ran yesterday, the 25 thing meme is so explosive that in the past two weeks more than 5 million notes have been created on people’s profiles in the last week, and many of them are 25 things. The Times says “The
note-creation figure is double the previous week and larger than any
other single week in Facebook history, and Facebook executives say that
the “Random Things” craze is driving it”

So, who’s out there saying what?

  • Oliver, tiny paste:”I’d like to compile the experience of all of my church visits into a
    book. My views on faith have changed rapidly after sitting through all
    of these services. I’m still an atheist, albeit a much calmer atheist.”
  • Mitch Ratcliff: “I would like to read and write philosophical treatises, essays, short
    stories and novels all day and night. I have been too concerned with
    making money to really let the unrealized-I-am overtake my pen and lead
    me somewhere new.”
  • Carolyn Anhalt:”
    I tend to be most productive between 1 and 4 am. This is probably not a surprise to people that work with me.”
  • Nora Paul:” “I really wanted to be a children’s librarian, where did I go wrong?”
  • Elizabeth Osder: “Secret to Success: Be willing to learn what you pretend to know.”
  • Kayvan Sootedeh:”I have a box that contains every fragrance AVEDA has ever made.”
  • Gov. Jerry Brown: ” sued Richard Nixon’s lawyer for helping the President cheat on his income tax.”
  • John Remmers: “Sometimes I count the number of letters in a sentence I’ve just read, for no particular reason.”
  • Rupa Dev: “Virginia Woolf spoke to me.”
  • Scott Hildebrand: ” I can mostly attribute the start of my obsession with music to Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and the Fine Young Cannibals.”
  • Matt Ocken:”love fishing–cant say what it is exactly–but it makes me so happy. It’s
    also an awesome coincidence that some of the best places to fish are
    some of the most beautiful places in the world…I think of Nantucket,
    Bahamas, Montana, God’s Lake, the Housatonic, the Mianus River that
    runs through my yard, and many, many other incredible places.”
  • Angie Chang: “Finds it curious how Women 2.0 and Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners has
    become the one steady thing that identifies my post-collegiate life.
    Saying I’m a web designer just doesn’t cut it anymore. Web designer is
    so 1999. I’m more of a web product manager.”
  • Paul Frankenstein: “I own every full-length Saint Etienne CD released in the US except for
    one. [Well, two, now, but I would point out that the two that are
    missing from my collection are both best-of/greatest-hits compilations.
    As a side note, does anyone else think it’s hilarious that Saint
    Etienne is coming out with *another* best-of/greatest-hits compilation
    this year? That makes four (Too Young To Die (1996); Smash The System
    (2001); Travel Edition (2005); and London Conversations (2009)), which
    is pretty impressive for a band that has released only seven
    full-length albums (plus a handful of EPs, singles, two Japan-only
    albums and a double-length remix disc, not to mention the fanclub-only
  • Julia French: “I love lying on cold tiles and the way they feel on my face.”
  • Joe Spector: ” I first learned about Judaism as a religion while living in a refugee village outside of Rome, Italy.”
  • Jen Satterwhite: “I always wanted to be 3 things in life: a wife, a mom, and a writer. I have done all 3. I wish I was better at all of them.”
  • Jake Nickell: “am quite shy and probably socially awkward. I reconciled this by
    creating a totally rocking social website in Threadless. I think.”
  • Susan Beebe: “I don’t have a blog – YET!!   But I have Friendfeed.com and other social media sites which serve well for this.”
  • Deb Roby: “I would do the family ironing on Saturday’s. With 4 males, plus my
    mother working 60+ hours a week, I’d iron between 25 and 30 shirts a
  • Sarah Schafer: “My very favorite food is cheese. I couldn’t begin to decide on my favorite cheese. I always choose cheese over chocolate.”
  • Rolland Crosby Swing: “I’m the oldest of four children, and people regularly tell me that I
    often seem like I have no family because I’m way less attached to my
    family than most. I often liked to imagine myself being birthed like
    Athena, the Greek Goddes of war and wisdom, full-grown in a suit of
    armor out the center of my father’s forehead.”
  • Esther Kustanowitz:”At current count, I have 3285 unread Gmail messages. Good thing I
    get unlimited space in my inbox, if not unlimited time in my life.”

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  1. Richard Grayson says:

    Last night I was lying in bed thinking how utterly stupid this thing is and wondering why an intelligent person like Susan wastes her time with this narcissistic crap. Well, I said, she, like everyone else doing this boring stuff, probably doesn’t have enough work in the bad economy and so has oodles of free time.
    I find this inane and just skip these posts. They’re a bore. Please no more. Life is too short.

  2. Susan Mernit says:

    Okay, my friend, I hear you. I’ll put this silly timewaster to bed.Ouch.

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