Public Media Collaborative is meeting in 2 weeks, will you be there?

A couple of months ago, David Cohn, George Kelly, JD Lasica, Joyce Kim, Andrew Hoerner, Raines Cohen, Margaret Rosas and a couple of other folks got together to talk about starting a Bay-area group–the Public Media Collaborative– that would meet to network across disciplines–tech, social media, videography and videoblogging, journalism, community organizing, social change, local nonprofits–and work together with local groups to plan and execute projects that shared knowledge of how to use social media and made it accessible to them.

We’ve had one meeting, at TechSoup in San Francisco, and are planning a
second in Berkeley, on March 11th, from 7-9 PM at East Bay CoHousing (thanks, Raines).  Please join is if you are interested (More info here and

OR, if you know non-profits and community organizations we should we working with, please let us know who they are.

We’ve gotten positive support and interest from people in nonprofits,
including The Bay Area Social Equity Caucus, and we invite other
groups–and interested people–to come to our meeting to help set the

One of the ideas we are discussing is to create a convening group and do a day of trainings at no or low cost for non-profit activist and community groups  in social media and how to use social media tools and the social media ecosystem; we’ve also had requests to advise and help groups who came to the first meeting (come back and we can work on that).

Who is this for and who should come?

  • People who work in tech and social media who would like to be more connected to local community projects and organizations
  • People with tech and social media skills who want to contribute and partner in a more bursty (ie sporadic) way
  • Non profits and activist local community groups who would like help planning a social media strategy to help deepen engagement with their audience, reach new audiences, spread awareness and/or buzz about an event, program or campaign
  • People who would like to train their staffs in a train the train model to be better able to deploy social media
  • Non profits interested in micro donation strategies
  • Non profits who want to tap into the people and projects described above and have clear, definable projects we can work on (or want to brainstorm on such)
  • Folks within the SF Bay area, Santa Cruz up into the North Bay

If you think this is interesting, please share within your communities; this is a brand new group still forming; come to our meet up and help shape and plan what we do.

We have a wiki here.