Quote of the Day 2 (and this one is priceless, literally)

“My first epiphany occurred in August 2007, when The New York Times ran
a story revealing my identity, which until then I’d kept secret. On
that day more than 500,000 people hit my site–by far the biggest day
I’d ever had–and through Google’s AdSense program I earned about a
hundred bucks. Over the course of that entire month, in which my site
was visited by 1.5 million people, I earned a whopping total of

–Daniel Lyons, the fake Steve Jobs, describing the 2 years he spent trying to make blogging bring in the bucks.

Bonus quote: “Take it from someone who dreamed the dream: I wish it were true, but
right now it’s looking like yet another high-tech fairy tale.”

Susan sez: Great to hear as print is crumbling, eh?

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  1. Mike The Real Mr. Science says:

    All new “industries” have similar start up cycles. It is the nature of our economic model that the majority of the start ups will fail. It’s sad when it is a friend or well regarded person who fails, but it is the nature of the beast, and it’s not always the least interesting/fun/deserving/nice of the start up owners who loose out. Henry Ford was regarded to be not a very noce guy, but . . . he won the automobile start up contest. I’m a nice guy, and two start ups I got off the ground failed. As I said–the nature of the beast.

  2. nina says:

    Voilà ce qu’on peut faire quand on se rebiffe et je le conseille à chacun qui peut avoir des ennuis avec ce gros connard de sarkozy ou sa clique de clowns de flics minables : je suis en train de régler un petit problème du genre détail avec cette grosse tache de si peu président de la république Française, en lui envoyant un avocat pour mises sous surveillance illégales, lynchage et plagiat. Avis à la population et merci pour l espace d’expression. Voilà, ceci est également une tentative de gros scandale public parce que ça calme pas mal les gros connards.

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