Single tasking: a way to focus

Caterina Fake has a photo on her blog of a schedule written out on a whiteboard that is designed to help her stay focused.  Some of the points seem pretty revolutionary to me, which makes them worth consideration

  • Check email every 3 hours, not all the time
  • No email evenings
  • No email weekends
  • Focus on 1-3 activities a day, max
  • Log 1-3 bullets on status every day on team wiki (this is about being accountable)
  • Minimize chat, maximize single tasking
  • OUT 5:30 PM, no excuses

I think I have to read more about this and then put some of these ideas into practice in my life. I am definitely out of control with the email, and while I have good discipline, the idea of devoting bigger chunks of time to something feels right.