The growing traction of Mr. Tweet

[Mr, Tweet,]( a service that recommends people to follow on twitter based both on who follows you and on mapping your own social network and twitter connections, launched a few months ago as a bit of a lovely one trick pony. The brainchild of [Ming Yeow Ng]( and [Yu-Shan Fung](, with assist from Stanford Professor [Andreas Weigend](, Mr. Tweet started quickly adding features based on user response.
Now, 4 months from launch, Mr, Tweet has [76,000]( followers and a hockeystick growth curve on[ twittercounter](, adding 800-1,000 new users a day.
I’ve become a big Mr. Tweet fan, so it’s great to see this leap–one of the reasons I like the product and continue to use it is that they are responsive to customer feedback, so it keeps getting better, which, in turn, keeps my interest.
mr tweet hockeystick.jpg