The joy of free time

It’s after 9 pm and I am in my hotel room in Miami. We spent today reviewing the finalists for the Knight News Challenge, and ended with a list of applicants for the program staff to work with before funding recommendations are made to the Board. It was a great day, with a smart, diverse and very engaged group of final reviewers and a nice diversity of possible projects.
Not the last step in the KNC08 process, but a major milestone.

And now I am in my hotel room, post a walk, post music in the park downtown, post dinner. I’m at my computer updating my newsreader, something I haven’t done in almost a year, and something that is amazingly different now that I use friendfeed, facebook and twitter. You see, I don’t need to keep the same set of social media links in my bloggers I enjoy folder; the odds are that people I know in those circles will twitter or highlight interesting posts is about 85%.

So it was a good feeling to review the feed and clean them up; if I can pare down, I can possible keep up at least 30%…otherwise, there’s just too many to even consider.