#TOC: Morning keynote: Peter Brantley

So now we have Peter Brantkey of the Digital Library Federation–his topic is how digitized literature can empower us in ways we have not imagined–DLF is an org of large research libraries–Traditionally, books are read in a private and quiet space….but reading is also a social product(says Peter). 

Reading is being redefined as information delivery, engaging with others around data and books are all changing.

Reading digitally is much more of a social act. Reading as embedded in a network of people and books in a new way.

So what is published..is less about the book but the people who read them. (Susan sez: Do I believe this, not sure).

Digitize ALL nonfiction & translate them, indexed & searchable,multiple languages as a transformative idea.

(Susan sez: Seems like book people are (still) obsessed with semiotics, hypertext)