Using digg to grow page views and game the system: Ed Kohler fisks Village Voice Media

As everyone and her sister are putting their shingles out to do social media consulting, blogger and marketing guy Ed Kohler has a sharp and amusing analysis of where the reported 7X increase in traffic to Village Voice Media alt-weekly sites is coming from.

Ed sees that the big spike in traffic is due to points on Digg, but he digs a little deeper and discovers that note only des it looks like VVMedia is gaming the system, it’s all the work of just a couple of people (people who should get new jobs and be promoted to be social media consultants as their reward, IMHO).

With some well-considered analysis, he figures out that the diggers who promote their stories most avidly have other real identities and actually work for the company–but they also–the best ones–take the time to give digg other links to preserve their rankings.

Sounds like VVM is busted; 10 points to Ed for a really interesting post and a good job–thanks!