Grrr…Why is SEM a black box?

So, is now back on the first page of Google search results for Susan, after being missing for a week or so.

For the past 4-5 years, I’ve always used the prominence of my blog on the Susan search results as an illustration of the power of blogging and how Google juice favors the blogger.  But then, as I was checking the page so I could use it for a workshop I was doing, I saw it was gone.  No more Susan Mernit’s blog anywhere.

Nada. Zip.Missing. WTF?

Did the workshop without that little parlour trick, but checked back again yesterday and blog was still missing. Huh?

Who do you complain to when they re do the Google search algorithm and your page rank is shot to hell? No one, right?

So all of a sudden, my blog is back on that first page of Susans. I can play my little parlour trick again–at least until Google tweaks the algo and, in the flick of any eye, it’s just plain gone.